Reviews and Articles

These are some of the reviews that have appeared over the years in The Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian Financial Review, The Daily Telegraph, The Australian Magazine, The Australian Review of Books, and The Sunday Telegraph Magazine, among other places. I do not include academic reviews.

MICRONATIONS, by John Ryan, Simon Sellars, and George Dunford (The Australian, September 23, 2006).

DESCARTES: THE LIFE OF RENÉ DESCARTES AND ITS PLACE IN HIS TIMES, by A. C. Grayling (Weekend Australian, Review Section, January 14-15, 2006).

THE ATROCITY EXHIBITION (2001). A film by Jonathan Weiss, based on the novel by J. G. Ballard. Released by REEL23. Published in Ballardian (

I AM ALIVE AND YOU ARE DEAD: A JOURNEY INTO THE MIND OF PHILIP K. DICK, by Emmanuel Carrère (Weekend Australian, Review Section, October 22-23, 2005).

THE SINGULARITY IS NEAR, by Ray Kurzweil (Weekend Australian, Review Section, December 17-18, 2005).

LEARNING TO LOVE SURVEILLANCE (Cosmos Magazine, August 2005)

MASTERS OF ILLUSION: THE WORLD BANK AND THE POVERTY OF NATIONS by Catherine Caufield (Australian Financial Review, 27-28/06/1998)

PARIS IN THE TWENTIETH CENTURY by Jules Verne (Sydney Morning Herald, 1/04/1998)

FOOTPRINTS ON WATER Play by Matt Cameron – Stables Theatre, November 1999 (Sydney City Hub, 1999)

HOW WE BECAME POSTHUMAN by N. Katharine Hayles (Abaddon 2, 1999)

WAITING FOR THE BECKETT POLICE (Sagacity?, 1994). Review of all-Female version of Beckett’s Waiting for Godot, by The Darlinghurst Theatre Company,

THE SILENT by Jack Dann (Sydney Morning Herald, 12/06/1999)

THE STRAIGHT STORY. Directed by David Lynch (Tribe Online, 2000)


IN A FISHBONE CHURCH by Catherine Chidgey (The Australian Review of Books, 11/98)

AWAKENING THE ENTROPY WITHIN: THE NOVELS OF J.G. BALLARD (1999, Unpublished – Written for Series 2 of Babel Handbooks, which was discontinued. Covers Ballard’s work up until Cocaine Nights).

THE PRESTIGE by Christopher Priest (Sydney Morning Herald, December 2004)

NEW PHILOSOPHY FOR NEW MEDIA by Mark Hansen. (Metapsychology Online, 2004)

LISTENING TO THE MIND LISTENING: A Concert of Brain Music. (Sleepy Brain Online, 2004)

BITE-SIZE CLASSICS (The Australian Magazine: ‘Culture Vulture’)
David Malouf: An Imaginary Life
Mudrooroo: Wild Cat Falling
Peter Carey: The Unusual Life of Tristan Smith
Charles Bukowski: Post-Office
William Burroughs: Naked Lunch
Jack Kerouac: On The Road
Marguerite Duras: The Lover
David Lynch: Eraserhead

MUSIC REVIEWS (Daily Telegraph and The Australian Magazine)
Mr Bungle: California
Birthday Party: Prayers on Fire
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds: Kicking Against the Pricks
Butthole Surfers: Locust Abortion Technician
Kim Salmon and the Business: Record
Garth Brooks: Chris Gaines’ Greatest Hits
Stone Temple Pilots: No. 4
Lobsterman: Get with Lobsterman

Articles for Independent Film-makers (IF Magazine)
The Wog Boy (Dir. Aleksi Vellis). Feb-March 2000.
Behind the Scenes: I, Robot (Dir. Alex Proyas).

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